Parallel End And Beginning


A darker, deadlier path awaits a new cast as they struggle through the end of Modern Day Earth.

Imagine normal daily life turned upside down around you.

For David Summers, his family, and gallant dog, that’s exactly what happens during their annual late-summer vacation. David’s family notices wondrous things but an unknown evil presence walks among them with a vile and despicable agenda.

Kyle King and Adam Lynch, driven by revenge, launch a hate-driven assault on a city and a pursuit of the man who betrayed them.

Shannon Bailey awakens one morning miraculously free of her life-long asthma condition. Terrible news from her husband sends them travelling into a situation neither prepared for and they may not survive.

Antonio Perez strangely befriends a young cat one evening on his way home. When his bloodied sister and her battered fiancée crash into his home days later, they must immediately flee or face a tortuous death.

Circumstances draw these remarkable people and animals together at a small retreat in the Florida Panhandle but even if they survive the days after a world changing eclipse, they might not live through the journey they face next.

Be a part of the exciting Humanity’s New Dawn Trilogy! The adventure continues here in the second installment.


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